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Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

    Make Sense of Your Numbers

    • Average value of 3 BP measurements + Instant ECG tracking
    • AI analysis for 30s-ECG
    • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth synchronization for data transmission


    Free APP

    One button operation

    ECG tracking

    Data synced via Wi-Fi + Bluetooth

    SYS, DIA, MAP blood pressure measuring

    Average value of last 3 bP measurements

    AI analysis for 30s ECG

    One-piece design 


    Easy Blood Pressure Measurement

    With just One-Button Operation, this upper arm blood pressure monitor gives the smartest way to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure within 2 minutes at home.

    Adjustable pre-formed cuff for standard and larger arms. 360° accuracy zone of its premium plush cuff ensures consistent and precise measurement, more comfortable to wear.

    ECG Tracking Anytime & Anywhere

    With 2 ECG electrodes on the sides of the device, this device supports to quickly track ECG for 30 seconds by handholding it.

    Instant easy-to-read results on the device's OLED screen and a complete in a free app.

    Reliable Readings Deserve Your Trust

    With an updated algorithm, this upper arm BP monitor will provide the average value of 3 BP measurements. The interval of time between the 3 measurements can be set as 30s, 60s, 90s and 120s on the App dashboard.

    Function X3 Measurement decreases the ratio of error, giving you more reliable data on the connected mobile phone App.

    AI Analysis Makes Sense of ECG Waveforms

    In general, most people without professional knowledge don't understand what ECG indicates. FDA-approved AI (artificial intelligence-enabled) ECG algorithm makes a difference. It is designed to identify abnormal ECGs.

    After the ECG data is uploaded to the APP, a detailed ECG report will be conducted, telling about ECG interpretations.

    * Note: AI analysis for 30s ECG is not provided in Europe so far.

    AI ECG Platform

    AI ECG Platform intelligently diagnoses various kinds of abnormal ECG/EKG events as below:

    • PVC (Premature Ventricular Contraction),
    • Couplet of PVC,
    • PVC Bigeminy ,
    • PVC Trigeminy,
    • Ventricular Tachycardia,
    • PAC (Premature Supraventricular Contraction),
    • Couplet of PAC, 

    • PAC Trigeminy,
    • Supraventricular Tachycardia,
    • Atrial flutter,
    • A-Fib (Atrial fibrillation),
    • Overall maximum heart rate,
    • Overall minimum heart rate,
    • HRV (Heart rate variability)

    Details Displayed on Your Phone

    Review history ECG data

    AI Analyzing

    ECG interpretation & suggestions

    AI ECG report to share

    Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Double Sync, No Worry About Data Missing

    With Wi-Fi sync technology, there's no need to have the connected smartphone open nearby during or after the measurement, as data is automatically synchronized to the phone.

    Bluetooth sync is also available in the case of no Wi-Fi network found. Once the monitor device is connected to the phone APP via Bluetooth, you will see the latest records saved on your phone.

    *Note: The monitor device and phone APP are connected via BlueTooth. The data can be synced to the phone via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Multi-Users Blood Pressure Log

    No longer need to sync records manually with paper and pen. Health data log management becomes more convenient.

    Perfect to keep tracking of your or your families' fitness and compare trends over a period of time.

    Adding user ID and notes also helps to manage health data for multi-users.

    Color-coded Feedback

    No overloaded with information, it shows the numbers that matter for you with a color-coded indicator.

    • SYS/DIA/Pulse rate
    • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
    • Pulse pressure
    • Average Value of last 3 measurements

    Keep Your Doctor In-The-Loop

    An online dashboard to track and manage heart health data.

    A few taps on a smartphone is all it takes to share measurements with the doctor. 

    Files in png or pdf are easy to save and download.

    Carry it with Ease

    One-piece design, no tubes, no wires.

    This portable blood pressure monitor is light in weight and has rechargeable battery with long life, which made it can be carried with ease.

    Seamless Experience

    Keep records updated immediately. 

    Paired with a hotspot only for the first time, this monitor 

    device will upload the data automatically to the 

    cloud and fresh records on mobile when you open 

    the APP, even with offline mode.

    High Portability

    • One-Piece Design, No Tubes, No Wires
    • Rechargeable Battery with Long Life
    • Bluetooth-APP Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi Sync + Bluetooth Sync
    • Built-in Memory, Lightweight and Small in Size

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    8.47oz / 240g




    8.66"-16.54" / 22cm-42cm


    Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


    Pressure Range: 0–300mmHg;

    Pulse Rate Range: 40-200/min


    Pulse Rate Range: 30-250/min;

    ECG Length: 30s


    OLED Screen


    BP Records: 50 Sets;

    ECG Records: 10 sets


    Upper Arm 


    Lead I, Lead II, Chest Lead


    500 Times of Blood Pressure 

    Measurement per Charge


    2 Hours

    What's in the Box?

    • Blood Pressure Monitor Main Unit with ECG Electrodes
    • Type-C Power Cable for Charging
    • User Instruction Manual
    • Quick Guide

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    At any time within 30 days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund.

    If you bought the product from, you can return it to us. Your payment card will be credited upon receipt of the returned merchandise. Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under warranty cannot be accepted back for refund under our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    If you are sure you want to return the goods, please contact us at first at We provide 24/7 ticket and email support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

    Simple Steps to Start

    3 Steps to Measure Blood Pressure

    Step 1: Wrap the cuff, 1-2 cm above the inside of the elbow

    Step 2: Sit and keep the cuff being level with your heart

    Step 3: A push on the button to launch the measurement

    4 Methods for ECG Recording by Cable Free Operation

    Lead I: Hand to Hand

    Lead II: Right Hand to Left Leg

    Lead III: Right Hand to Abdomen

    Chest Lead: Right hand to Chest

    Quick Guide Video


    This device is not a substitute for a medical examination for your heart or other organ functions, which require more complex measurements, though it has been designed for practical use. The results of the ECG report are only for reference in daily heart health monitoring, they cannot replace the medical diagnosis results and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis and treatment.