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Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

    Tell Your Body Index at One Glance


    * This scale is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


    High precision sensors to measure your weight & advanced BIA technology to estimate your body composition.


    Conveniently synced to free mobile App to store & compare your different readings over time for health insight.


    Readings on VA screen displayed in multiple measurement units which can easily be switched between lb & kg.


    Auto-switched on / off by simply stepping on / off the device unit which is powered by 4X 1.5V AAA batteries.


    As many as 15 essential body measurements provided to help you keep track of your health improvement.


    Analysis results of up to 24 users able to be managed in one App for members of a whole family anfd friends.

    15 Body Composition Measurements

    With high-precision anti-interference fat-measuring, the smart scale provides 15 body health metrics, which helps you easily understand your overall physical condition.

    15 body metrics:

    Weight, BMI, Fat-free Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Protein, Visceral Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Bone Mass, Heart Index, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass, Heart Rate, Body Age, BMR.

    High Accuracy Is Promised

    Larger Contact Area

    Advanced ITO coating technology is used to provide a larger contact area, which fits all foot sizes, giving you the freedom to step-on, providing faster and more accurate measurement.

    Advanced BIA Technology

    Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is adopted. High-precision anti-interference fat-measuring chip is used to measure and analyze body composition and track changes of body condition stably, sensitively and accurately. 

    Highly Accurate Sensors

    The scale is equipped with 4 high-precision G-sensors that provide accurate measurements with division at 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg). It will start weighing when you step on, make weighing more convenient.

    Extra Large Display & Memory

    Large-size VA colorful display helps you get a clear glance of your 8 essential measurements as below:

    Weight, Body Fat Rate, BMI, Body Water Rate, Muscle Mass, Body Heart Rate, Bone Mass and Body Type.

    No more annoying about the missing data. The scale can independently store up to 24 sets of data without your smartphone nearby. Data will be automatically synced to the App once your phone and scale are connected.

    Standing Heart Rate Detection

    Health is measured by more than just weight. This smart scale provides standing heart rate at every weigh-in.

    Track your heart rate after exercising and see how intense that last workout was. Compare your heart health overtime, which helps to assess your overall fitness level, so you can set specific weekly goals.

    Intelligent Data Management

    Download the APP "Fitdays" from the Apple Store or Google Play, your data will be automatically synced via Bluetooth after connection with the scale. The APP allows to store historical data unlimitedly.

    It can sync data to Fitbits, Google Fit, Apple Health, Samsung Health and other fitness APPs for systematic and comprehensive health management. It's convenient to share your achievements on social media.

    Also functional modes are available for a wide range of users, such as athlete mode, baby mode.

    Every Number Counts

    Progress Tracking

    The App "Fitdays" provides detailed trend charts of 15 measurements to track the changes of your body composition over days, weeks, months or even years. Clear data graphs will give you a clear view of your body change, and enable you to reach your goal in healthy way.

    Make A Real Difference

    Up to 24 Users

    It allows you to create 24 users for your family and friends with only one smart scale. It can automatically recognize the person based on his weight (+-2kg/4.4lb). Each user can easily receive data on their own phone; each user's data can be managed separately.

    Ideal Choice For A Growing Family

    Baby Mode

    A reliable weighing scale is a great choice to accompany the growth of your baby. Choose the baby mode, step on by yourself first, and then hold your baby in hand to weigh again. The APP will show the baby's weight. 

    (*Note: Baby mode can only measure baby weight. Body composition 

    measurement is only for people above the age of 16.)

    Create something amazing

    Athlete Mode

    The Athlete Mode is suitable for novice athletes, fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes, wrestling athletes and other athletes who are trying to achieve a better performance through targeted training, showing every improvement of your body condition. It is helpful to check if you reach the fitness goals.















    lb / kg


    4 X 1.5v AAA

    Sale Off
    Smart Body Fat Scale

     Best at home smart scale for body weight and fat, 

    always know where your health stands



    What's in the BOX?

    • Smart Weight and Body Fat Scale
    • 4 Pieces of 1.5v AAA Batteries
    • User Guide

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    This smart scale is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. All data is for reference and is not a substitute for advise from a licensed health care professional.

    This scale should not be used by patients with artificial cardiac pacemaker, artificial lung, portable ECG, osteoporosis and other life-supporting or life-sustaining medical devices because of weak electric current flowing the body during measurement, which may lead to malfunction of medical electrical machines and serious accidents.