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Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

    SleepU FAQ

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    Where can I find more guidance about the report? 

    • Click the question mark in the upper right corner of the APP report page.

    Typical steps

    • START.Charge the battery.Wear the sensor on thumb, index finger as option in case of too tight for thumb.Device will turn on automatically. After a few seconds, the device will begin to monitor.
    • STOP.The device turns off automatically in a moment after you take off the sensor. Open app to sync data which will help you get sleep insight.(If the working time is less than 2 minute, the data will not be saved)

    DATA Sync

    Open App to sync data, check results.

    How can I wake Screen up?

    During measurement, the screen will go off automatically for saving power; you can turn your wrist to wake up the screen.

    Do I need to pair Bluetooth? 

    The device Bluetooth will be enabled automatically after it’s turned on.To establish a Bluetooth connection,

    - Keep the device Bluetooth enabled.

    - Make sure the phone Bluetooth is enabled.

    - Run the App.

    Why do I need to allow Location access for Android?

    With android phone, you need to allow Location access to make Bluetooth work. We DO NOT collect your location data.

    How to sync data?

    Take off the sensor, the countdown will begin.

    (If the working time is less than 2 minute, there will be no countdown)

    During the countdown, if you wear the sensor again, the record will be resumed.

    After the countdown, the data will be ready for sync.

    Sync data:

    After the countdown, run App to sync data;

    OR next time after you turn on the device, run App to sync.

    Do I need to power off the monitor manually?

    Usually no need. If you don’t use it, it will power off automatically in a while.

    If the battery runs out during use, will the data be saved?


    Can I change the settings of vibration?

    Yes. When you connect the monitor to your phone, you can turn on/off the vibration, change intensity or threshold inyour APP.

    Can I change finger during use?

    Yes, when you take the sensor off, the countdown will begin. During the countdown, wear the sensor again, the record will be resumed.

    How to correct the time on the screen if it’s incorrect?

    Connect to your phone, time will be corrected automatically.

    How to correct device time?

    Connect to your phone, device clock will follow your phone time automatically.

    How can I connect new device with smart phone?

    For the initial use, you need to add a new device.

    -Turn on device, run App, select ;

    -Then input the last 4 digits on the back of your device. 

    Do I need to connect device to phone app during sleep?

    It is not necessary. The built-in storage is up to 4 sessions.

    Why I get different readings by the Oxygen Monitors and other manufacturers?

    Please be assured that all Wellue products provide medically accurately measurement.

    Different manufacturers utilize algorithms with different average SpO2 times, which is a significant element when calculating the reading. The shorter the collecting duration, the more sensitive the result, the fast the response. Oxygen monitor with too long assessment time is not the best choice for oxygen saturation detection, especially during sleep. Our intelligent averaging algorithm collects data quickly and identifies the precise SpO2 value.

    Therefore, it is not rigorous to compare oxygen monitors that utilize different averaging algorithms.The comparing result will be much more accurate if obtained by an arterial blood gas.