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Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

    Track Sleep Apnea And CPAP Treatment

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    Consumers benefits 

    from O2Ring


    Satisfied customers and

    five-star reviews


    30-Days Money Back 


    Simple, Powerful, Wearable Oxygen Level 

    And Heart Rate Monitor

    Track Overnight Oxygen Levels & Heart Rate 

    Built-in Silent 


    Monitor CPAP 


    Seamless Share on Sleep Analysis with Your Doctor

    Self-Evaluation of Sleep 

    Apnea at Home

    Frequent loud snore, stops breathing, gasps or chokes during sleep, experiences excessive restlessness at night or feels excessively sleepy during the day. 

    These are probably sleep apnea symptoms.

    Quick, easy and affordable! Screen for sleep apnea with the 02 Ring. It can help track overnight blood oxygen saturation and help to self-evaluation of sleep apnea at home. 


    of sleep cases are undiagnosed

    Many people living with serious sleep conditions 

    donā€™t even know it.


    Any value of blood oxygen level below 92% should keep a look-out

    The number and duration of blood oxygen desaturations are also important. A continuous monitor that can record every change in blood oxygen levels overnight is essential. If the blood oxygen level only drops below 92% once or twice during a 7-hour sleep or lasted only a couple of seconds, it's not a reason for worry.

    What Can You Benefit from Home Sleep Study

    • Affordable

      It is much cheaper than an in-center test, which may cost thousands of dollars.

    • Convenient

      Allowing you to sleep at home rather than in an unfamiliar environment.

    • Comfortable

      With fewer wires and access to the comforts of home.

    • Safe

      It's safer to take sleep study at home during the outbreak.

    • No Limit

      Sleep centers may not be accessible due to location or even scheduling. You can take sleep study anywhere just with O2 Ring.

    How Easy it Is

    1. Wear the ring on your finger while sleeping, and check the record in the morning. 

    2. Your records are ready while you take it off. Just upload data to the App & PC software seamlessly

    3. Share Detailed Report to Your Doctor to get Further Analysis and Suggestion

    *Support on Windows & MacOS.

    Perfectly Work With CPAP

    Best Aid to Monitor the Effectiveness of Your CPAP/APAP/BiPAP Therapy

    Detailed Sleep Report During PAP Therapy

    Just wear O2Ring on your finger while sleeping, and check the record in the morning. O2ring mainly checks two important pieces of information ā€“blood oxygen saturation, and pulse rate. 

    The pulse rate generally increases and the blood oxygen saturation level generally decreases during apnea events. 

    A Safety Net Against 

    CPAP Failure

    A gentle vibration helps to keep you aware of times when your CPAP treatment may not be supporting you properly. 

    When Blood O2 levels drop below a preset level, the vibration alerts you.

    Important Gauge of Your 

    Treatment Effectiveness

    Gathering data over many nights will help you determine if your current CPAP treatment is actually working or needs an adjustment. If the oxygen saturation levels are nice and steady, the therapy is really controlling your sleep apnea. 

    Conversely, if the oxygen saturation levels are unstable and sometimes below 92%, then you might need to make some adjustments to our CPAP therapy.

     Get Detailed Analysis and Trends

    Wear O2Ring on your daily basis, for either getting quick readings by spot check or wearing for hours to continuously and accurately track blood oxygen levels (SpO2) and pulse rate (PR). Your data will be displayed in the App in real time.

    Our app provides users with unlimited storage, you can easily manage your history data and get detailed trends, the historical data reveals how your body performs dynamically over certain periods of time.

    Real-Time Data Display

    History Data and Detailed Trends

    Understand Your Hypoxic Events Easily

    The report shows how long your oxygen is below 90%, how many times during a night your oxygen drops over 4%, and more. You can also zoom into the chart to see more details. O2Ring focus in your key vitals like Average O2, Lowest O2, oxygen drop times per hour to determine the O2 score of your body. 

    The report shows how long your oxygen is below 90%; how many times during a night your oxygen drops over 4%. You can also zoom into the chart to see more details, such as the exact value when dropping happens.

    Oxygen levels below the normal range

    Oxygen levels within the normal range

    Silent Vibration Alarm, Save Life From Hypoxic Events

    When the blood oxygen level is lower than your preset threshold, an adjustable and gentle vibration alarm will be triggered to remind the user to sleep on the other side in order to breathe well again.It acts as a safety net for CPAP failure and sleep apnea, and encourages you to shift your sleep position to help bring those levels back into the proper range. Effectively reduce the risk of sleeping on a low and unhealthy blood oxygen level.

    Noteļ¼š The alarming function can be turned off or adjust.

    Customize Your Vibration

    Export detailed reports in PDF or CSV, easily share or print via free Windows PC/Mac App.

    Integrated with Oscar

    OSCAR is PC software developed for reviewing and exploring data produced by CPAP and related machines used in the treatment of sleep apnea. You can export the SpO2 data in the O2Ring's PC report to Oscar for more detailed sleep analysis. O2Ring can supplement Oscar software by measuring this important gauge of the effectiveness of your CPAP treatment. 

    What Our Customers Say

    Why Ours

    Free & light, provide the most comfort.

    O2 ring only weighs 15 grams, free your finger like wearing nothing. Nonslip. No numbness.

    Traditional Duckbill 


    • Sensor goes off easily
    • Limited finger movement
    • Finger gets numb

    O2Ring Oximeter Continuous 

    Oxygen Monitor

    • Stay fixed on finger
    • Completely free your hand
    • Like wearing nothing

    See How Easy it is

    Expecting Even More Powerful Tool for Your Oxygen Tracking Overnight?

    With ultra long battery run-time of 72 hours (more than 7 full nights) per charge, 

    Checkmeā„¢ O2 Max Wrist Oxygen Monitor may well be the ultimate solution for continuous O2 saturation monitoring during sleep.

    Technical Specifications




    30 to 250 bpm






    4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each session 




    Oxygen levels, pulse rate, motion


    Windows 7/8/10;

    macOS 10.15.3 or above


    iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/iPad 3 or above; Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


    0.53 oz / 15g


    1.5'' x 1.2'' x 1.5''


    2.0'' - 3.2''/ 50-82mm


    Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


    Rechargeable lithium-polymer, 3.7 Vdc; 12-16 hours for typical use

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's in the BOX?

    • O2Ring Sleep Apnea Oxygen Monitor
    • Micro USB cable
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

    What is O2 Score?

    O2 Score is a measure of oxygen shortage during whole sleep. It combines frequency, duration, and depth of oxygen drops. A higher score means oxygen is richer. If it's yellow or red, please ask your doctor for advice.

    Do I need to pair Bluetooth?

    DO NOT PAIR in the system settings of your phone. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and deviceā€™s battery is not out.

    Why do I need to allow Location access for Android?

    With android phone, you need to allow Location access to make Bluetooth work. We DO NOT collect your location data.If you have refused the permission, you can try following steps to allow the access:

    • Reboot your phone;
    • Turn on ā€œlocationā€on your phone;
    • System settings -> Apps-> ViHealth, allow location access.

    Why I canā€™t connect device with App after updating iOS system software?

    If you canā€™t connect your device after updating iOS, please try the following steps:

    • In the system settings, turn off and turn on Bluetooth;
    • In the Control Center, tap the Bluetooth icon repeatedly to re-enable Bluetooth.
    • Turn on device, run App to connect it.

    How to sync data?

    Estimated shipping dates are listed on the preorder product page. We will ship as soon as the item(s) become available and you'll receive a tracking number via email. Ship dates are estimates and subject to change without notice.

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