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Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

    Hypnus BiPAP Machine FAQ

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    How can I get into the Clinical Setting Menu?

    Select Setup option in the main interface, then long-press the dial and the Ramp button simultaneously for 3 seconds at least and then enter clinical setting interface. The pressure value, therapy mode and other advanced settings can be adjusted here.

    How to connect the machine to wifi?

    Please operate as below:

    - Please rotate the Dial button to switch menu as below: Home page--Setup--User Setting--One Shot Configuration

    - When One Shot Configuration is selected and turns blue, long press the Ramp button, it will search the wifi signal and list.

    - Choose the right wifi and enter the password. Once the WiFi is connected, the wifi icon will be shown on the top menu.

    How to connect to the App?

    Please operate as below:

    Connect Wifi

    Connect the machine to wifi first.

    APP installation

    Please search “iHypnusCare” in the APP Store/Google Play and download.


    Please register with a real phone number for the first time and fill-in the verification code.

    Then scan the SN on the bottom of PAP device.


    After the register, please login.


    You can see the Sleep Report with Sleep Score and diagram.

    How to get my sleep report?

    You can get your sleep report in three ways:

    - On the machine

    Select and enter information menu via Dial button to view user’s sleep data report in a certain period.

    - Via the APP

    Please search 'iHypnusCare' in the APP Store/Google Play and download. Register with a real phone number and log in. You can see the Sleep Report with Sleep Score and diagram.

    - Via the PC software

    Please download the PC software 'Hypnus Analyzer' (download the PC software) and import the data from the SD card to get the detailed sleep report.

    What is the foam insulation made of?

    The Hypnus PAP machines are made of completely safe materials. The foam uses a different material than what is used in Philips’ recalled machines. We would like to assure our customers that user safety is always our top priority.

    Will it work with nasal masks?

    Our machines are compatible with all the BPAP masks you can see in the market including nasal pillows, nasal masks, full face masks, with the ONLY EXCEPTION of masks for ResMed AirMini.

    You can select the type of the mask in the menu conveniently.

    Is it certificated?

    It is CE certificated.

    Can it be used without water?

    Yes it CAN. PAP device users usually like to use the humidifier though. If you don’t need any water please do not fill water into the tank.