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Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

Discounts and More this upcoming Fall!

    Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with TENS Massage

    • Easier home blood pressure monitoring
    • TENS unit to relieve nerve & muscle pain


    Free App to record

    Bluetooth Connection

    Easy to Use

    BP monitor with accurate readings

    TENS massage with 6 modes

    Portable design, travel-friendly


    People who would like to measure blood pressure to manage self-health, and at the same time want to get a massage to relax themselves.

    • Blood Pressure Measurement - The European Society of Hypertension recommends home blood pressure monitoring to improve control rates and provide better prognostic indicators.

    • Multi-mode Massage - Sometimes people may feel fatigue or suffer from injury, chronic pain and joint pains. Muscle stimulation can help to relieve muscle tension on their body, without reaching for drugs or any side-effects. This handy device uses electrical waves to target the site of aches and pains.

    Who Will Use

    Where to Use

    Relieve Body Discomfort Through TENS Massage

    With external cable and electronic pads, this smart blood pressure monitor provides muscle stimulation to relieve muscle tension on the body. 

    Electrical waves are used to target the site of aches and pains.

    Physiotherapy to Alleviate Muscle and Nerve Pain

    It provides a deep rhythmic massage for relieving the aching, tense and knotted muscles from the neck to feet.

    • 6 pre-programmed massage modes - Each muscle stimulation program lasts 15 minutes, designed to perform the single action of rub, beat or knead, or the serial actions suitable for shoulder, low back or leg. 

    • 0-15 massage intensities to option - The muscle stimulation intensity can be set from 0 to 15, from the weakest to the strongest. With the first 10 intensity values, it feels like the experience of acupuncture. The experience of values 11-15 is similar to the experience of being lightly beaten, just like the fascia grabbing.

    • Auto stop & OLED display - The stimulation program automatically stops when it reaches 15 minutes. All settings related to massage modes can be seen easily on its OLED display. 

    • Reusable high-quality electrode pads - These 2 adhesive gel pads of industry-leading quality can easily be placed on hands, wrist, shoulders, back, calves, knees and all other body parts for instant pain relief. Pads are reusable, more than 10 times with proper use.

    *Attention: Do not use the device on anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

    Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor with Adjustale Cuff

    One-button Operation, Easy to Use

    With this portable wireless blood pressure monitor whose wide-range automatic wrap type cuff fits standard to large adults, 

    you just need one-button operation and then check the data (systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate) 

    in 30 seconds. The readings are truly precise and consistent.

    Clear to Read

    Real-time blood pressure data of multi-users displayed on its OLED screen can also be synchronized to iOS 

    or Android mobile App via Bluetooth to be stored, reviewed and shared. 

    You can get your real-time stats and history trend graphs of blood pressure at your finger tips.

    Travel-friendly with One-piece Design

    • Small insize

    • Light in weight

    • Rechargeable battery with long life

    • Easy to carry

    Data Management, See Your Progress

    Manage unlimited historical data and trends of multi-users, share PDF & CSV reports with your family or healthcare.

    Meet Your Go-to BP+MSG Device for Pain Relief

    High accuracy:

    CE certificated

    Smart blood pressure monitoring for multi-users:

    SYS/DYA/Pulse rate measurement;

    Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) / Pulse pressure

    Data saving and sharing:

    Built-in memory for 50 sets of readings;

    Free IOS/Android APP connected via Bluetooth


    6 massage modes through muscle stimulation


    Wireless integrated machine-cuff design;

    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

    Smart design:

    Automatic power shut-off function;

    OLED display screen



    8.47oz / 240g 




    OLED Screen 


    Free Mobile App via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE


    BP (SYS&DIA) 

    measurement range: 


    Pulse rate range: 40-200 /min


    Upper Arm


    8.66"-16.54" / 22cm-42cm


    BP Records: 50 Sets


    500 Times of Blood Pressure 

    Measurement per Charge;

    100 Times of Massage for 15mins


    BP: 0–300mmHg

    HR: 40-200/min


    Rechargeable Lithium-polymer Battery


    2 Hours

    What's in the Box?

    • Blood Pressure Monitor Main Unit

    • Type-C Power Cable for Charging

    • Physiotherapy Cable

    • Four Reusable Electrode Pads

    • User Instruction Manual

    • Quick Guide

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Quick Guide


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    This device is NOT a substitute for a medical examination for your heart or other organ functions, which require more complex measurements, though it has been designed for practical use. Please remember that do not use the device on anyone with sensitive skin or allergies to massage.